Betting prediction for Manchester City and Chelsea

Feb - 03 2014 | By

Without any doubt, the most interesting match of the 25th round of the English Premier League will be between the teams of Chelsea and Manchester City. The first against the third in the current standings and most probably the two teams that are the actual candidate to win the Premier League this year, will play against each other on Monday night.

A quick look at the table shows that an eventual victory for City will give them a 6 points gap from Chelsea. This is a margin which 13 rounds before the end of the championship would most probably be decisive.

Jose Mourinho has shown so far that prefers to play safe and without any risk when playing against the top teams. Usually in these matches, Chelsea plays with many players in the midfield, barely allowing the ball to get near to Petr Cech. This solid system has its cons and they are mostly in the fact that the team suffers in the attack, something which is generally a problem for the team from London this year.

Manchester City on the other hand has no problems with their forwards who score near 3 goals per match, although in this match they will most likely play without Sergio Aguero. With that news in hand, it is curious will Manuel Pellegrini choose to play again with two strikers or he will decide to use Negredo or Dzeko as a sole attacker.

Whichever option to choose Pellegrini it is clear that it is unlikely for City to have many goal attempts, given the Chelsea’s ability to defend. All this will make this match even more interesting and difficult for a betting prediction.

Usually in such matches the draw can be the bet, but we must remember the fact that both teams have players who with just a single touch can make the difference. This is why my prediction for the match between Chelsea and Manchester City will be for a draw, but with a small bet.

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